Here I provide information related to the business of being a virtual assistant. You'll find tips, training, and get a behind the scenes look at my virtual service based business. Whether you consider yourself to be a VA, social media manager, virtual service provider, or freelancer, you're in the right place!
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As a technical online business consultant, I can help with WordPress, Social Media, Webinars, Teleseminars, and Google Hangouts. Click the button and head to my service based website (VirtualHiredHand.com) to get more information.

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Recent Posts

How To Take Time OFF

TBBVA 030: How To Take Time OFF

Getting the rest you need both physically and mentally is vital to the success of your VA business. So how can you get away and refresh when you have so many responsibilities? Planning ahead is the key and this episode is all about mapping out a plan so you can take some time completely off from your business. Unplugging and allowing your mind to rest may be just the break you need to come back and be excited about the work that you’re doing.

You Set The Tone and Bring Value

TBBVA 029: You Set The Tone and Bring Value

Everything is dependent on you when you are the one who is doing all of the work in your business. How do you go about building a virtual team so everything doesn’t come to a stop when you are suddenly unavailable to work? I have an excellent book to recommend that is a game changer for your business. We’ll also talk about how to set the tone so you are respected and valued as a partner while working with your clients.

Virtual Assistant To Virtual Assistant: The Money Talk

TBBVA 028: Virtual Assistant To Virtual Assistant: The Money Talk

Today, we’re talking about a tough subject that we all need to get more comfortable with, and that’s money. Have you had a situation where a client didn’t pay you for the work you completed? Well, there are ways you can set things up so that it doesn’t happen again. In this episode, I’ll run through a few different scenarios and offer recommendations on how to structure things to make sure you get paid.