HSDT 010: How To Overcome Overwhelm As A Virtual Assistant With Tiffany Parson


Today’s topic comes from one of our readers that sent in a question that I really have not been able to shake all week. The over lining theme is overwhelm.

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HSDT 009: Specializing As A Virtual Assistant With Tiffany Parson

Specializing As A VA

I’ve been serving clients since 2008, virtually providing every possible service you could think of, from data entry to web research to word processing to setting up websites to transcriptions to…everything!

Too much stuff! That’s what this episode is about.

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2013 Top 5 Radio Show Episodes

2013 Top 5 Radio Show Episodes

I’m closing out the Blog Talk Radio show ‘Tuesdays With Tiffany’ and consolidating it with the podcast, ‘How’d She Do That’. As a fond farewell, I went into the analytics to find out which shows got the most listens of all the radio show episodes in 2013. Provided below are the top shows and listen […]

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HSDT 008: Meet A Mother, Wife, And Entrepreneur From San Diego, CA Who Decided To Go Into Business For Herself As A Virtual Assistant With Cielo Cloud

Cielo Cloud virtualoutsourceconcept.com

Cielo Cloud is our special guest today. I met her about three years ago at a conference and now she is a dear friend of mine. After working as an executive assistant in the corporate world for many years, Cielo was able to use the skills and knowledge she gained to transition into working virtually. Her business has now grown into a virtual assistant firm with a team of people. During this interview Cielo shares how much she continues to learn and grow while having her own business. She has noticed a recent shift that makes this a good time to get started as a virtual assistant. If you are in a job where you feel unappreciated or unsatisfied, now may be the time to invest in yourself as Cielo did. She has learned the importance of going for what you really want, sticking with it, and not being afraid of making mistakes because that is how you really learn.

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HSDT 007: Meet A Mom With A Passion For Entrepreneurship, Travel, and Social Media With Sara Nickleberry

SaraNickleberry simplysocialllc.com

I’m excited to introduce our guest today. I met Sara Nickleberry at a conference a few years back and now I finally have the chance to find out more about her and how she got started in her own business. Sara is truly an entrepreneur and has been self-employed for 15 years. Most recently, she decided to start her own social media consulting service after learning how to use social media to grow another home based business she had with her husband. Sara shares how her social media business has evolved after realizing what her clients really need. Her story will certainly be inspirational for those who have been thinking about starting a business where they can make money doing what they enjoy. Others may try to tell you it’s too risky, but if it’s your dream, go for it! Being a business owner is hard work but it certainly can be done.

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I Didn’t Get In To Law School


Isn’t it funny how we have our lives all planned out based on what we think or what we’ve heard? And it’s usually based off of someone else’s missteps or misguided thoughts and dreams. When I was in elementary school I remember a family member asking me what I wanted to be when I grew […]

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HSDT 006: Meet A Mom, Rural Living Fan, And Graphic Designer With A Penchant For All Things WordPress With Victoria Gazeley

Victoria Gazeley Thecabindesignstudio.com

Victoria Gazeley is our special guest on the show today. I met her online a few years ago and now I’m really excited to have this chance to learn more about her. Victoria does graphic design work and specializes in WordPress websites. She shares how she made a big move from living in the city with a corporate job to living in a cabin in the country and starting her own business. Victoria also has a homesteading website to help others who want to make this transition as well. Working in the country has come with a unique set of challenges related to technology and wildlife. You won’t believe the stories she has to share about that! Hopefully this interview will inspire you to move forward in your own business regardless of the challenges you’ll have to overcome.

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HSDT 005: Meet A Certified Professional Bookkeeper Who Offers Local And Virtual Bookkeeping Services With Kerry Postel

Kerry Postel kerrypostel.com

I am excited to introduce our special guest for this show. Her name is Kerry Postel and she’s a virtual bookkeeper. We met online and I’ve been following her posts for some time now. Kerry provides a great service to her clients by taking away the stress of bookkeeping so they can focus on what they do best in their business. She shares that starting her own business has been the best thing she has ever done and that it actually surprised her how much she enjoys working from home. During this interview, Kerry offers some strategies for setting up a small business and stresses the importance of thinking about your bookkeeping from day one. She even shares a simple filing system to help you get started. You won’t want to miss this.

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Mistakes We Make As Virtual Assistants – STOP IT!


Something does not want you to receive this information today. Resistance is what it’s called. It’s been kicking my tail for almost a month. However, I’m making a Rocky come back and sending this email to you anyway. I want you to know the big mistake you’re making in your business. Are you answering every […]

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HSDT 004: Meet A Social Marketer And Digital Marketing Expert Specializing In Building Brand Equity With Frederika Angus

Frederika Angus nextlevelvision.com

Our special guest for this interview podcast is Frederika Angus. I first met her about four years ago in church and then I was later surprised to find her online in the same business coaching group! Frederika has a background in consulting for large corporations and now she is putting her marketing and web design experience into helping online business owners. She likes to think outside the box and has a lot of wisdom to share for those who want to start their own online business. The amazing thing is how she has included her family in the process. Listen to discover how Frederika has created a business that allows her to be her authentic self and how she helps others do the same.

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